A Once and For All Mandated Arrest

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  1. People tend to not think about things that they can’t physically see or touch. I think that is why many people tend to not think about death. However, this is a very real part of life, and it is not age-dependent in many cases. If we truly understand that death is inevitable, then we can guard against slacking off spiritually, relationship wise, and personally. Many times I know that I’m guilty of saying that I can do this or that tomorrow, next week, or next year. But in reality I do not know if I will be here tomorrow. This message was a wake up call for me to make sure that I do everything that I need to every day and live for God each day. If we’re not doing that as Christians, then what’s the point of life!!!!

  2. Hebrews:9,27-28
    Death is real and it is a fact of life (Ecclesiastes 9,v5)”The living at least know they will die”.If death is to occur in one,s lifetime,it is of immense importance that we make proper preparation for it because we do not know when death will strike.When we die, we die but once. We cannot come back to repair the evils we have caused by wicked living.Neither can we implore pardon for sins which we have failed to ask for forgiveness.Whatever is to be done with reference to death is to be done before we die.
    Death occurs to all, It is an appointment to all of us.There is no exception in favor of youth, beauty,wealth,ethnicity or nationality.No rank,no status,no merit,and no talents can purchase freedom from death. Everyone born is under the sentence of death .This is a bitter pill to swallow,but it is the truth and we seldom hear it preached from the pupilt nowadays.We all need to be reminded of reality of death.That is why this life applicaton message is right on time..
    Death is the complete and final end to life here on earth.But it is more serious than that because death is followed by judgement.We are all accountable and after death, we will render account to God.This is food for thought for me.

  3. The finality of death cannot be disputed. For some of us,that day is closer than we think.We all need to face up to the fact of death and make provision for this final episode of our earthly life.Except for believers who are alive when Jesus Christ returns (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17), all people from the beginning of history will stand before God in judgement.Yes, one day,each of us will meet God face to face to account for what we have done or refused to do. It is however crucial to not neglect the necessary preparations for the inevitable accounting.We all have to listen to,and obey His word that tells us how to prepare to meet him.The only way to prepare for eternity is trusting Christ as Savior and living for him each day of our lives.All people die physically,but Christ died so that we would not die spiritually.We can have wonderful confidence in his saving work for us past,present and future.
    We all should live each day as if it were our last….It could be….

  4. We take Death for granted because we feel that people dying is something that happens to other people somewhere. I believe we also are jaded when it comes to death. Still we are often caught off guard when it hits close or we are facing our own death. And even in that moment people are still hoping that its not their time or that they will escape death. The message made me think about if I die today what have done for Christ and what have not done that I should have done. I am not promised tomorrow and each day that I am on this earth is raising the probability that the next day on this earth may be my life. I know that I am blessed to have been on this earth for the years He has given me. I need to make sure I do not squander what time I have left and made the core of my living focused on representing Christ.

  5. This message has really helped to put things back into perspective for me. I actually tried to count the amount of times the thought of waiting until another time or actually saying the words “oh this can wait until this time” just so that I could see how often I have that mindset of “there is always tomorrow” and I was truly amazed at how much I actually would think/say it. This message was very timely as we are now just about a quarter of the way through the year and time is not slowing down. I greatly appreciated this reminder to take each day is a precious gift and to frame each day around what I can accomplish for my Heavenly Father to further His Kingdom. Truly being grateful that He saw fit for me to see another day on this earth but also, remembering that as I am living for Him each passing day is moving me closer to living eternally in His Kingdom. Just as Bisi said, this was great food for thought!

  6. I believe that in our younger years we are more ignorant to the fact that death can happen at any moment. Unless it has happen to someone related or close to a person we know, death is not thought of. But as we become older and gain more knowledge/ wisdom through life, we realize the life we live and the things we have done or doing will come to judgement. This is why I need to continue to live in the Lord and keep his commandments in my heart and mind. Because the Lord could call upon me and bring my life into judgement.

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