An Authentic Believer

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  1. Ezra 7: 7-10
    The life of Ezra as recorded in the Scriptures is not a myth. It is a good example of what God can do through the life of any one who is willing. We all need to be aware that Ezra had the right starting place for his actions and life.He started with the word of God.He studied it seriously, he applied it to his own life faithfully and taught others what he learned.The scriptures also said that the gracious hand of the Lord was with him.I see Ezra here as a great model for anyone who wants to live for God even at this present time.
    As we trust God with our hearts and minds, we must also act by completing our daily responsibilities.It is not enough to say we believe,we must make the changes God requires.We must never waver in our commitment to hear and obey the word of God and faithfully give it to others.
    Because Ezra had determined to study and obey the law of the Lord and to teach those decrees and regulations to the people of Israel,the gracious hand of the Lord was on him.

  2. I pray that myself and more ppl will live out a life that holds up to the standard of the real thing when there are so many people who are claiming to be authentic and had the platform to reach many others. Then when they cannot fake the conviction people think that this is an example of authentic believer of Christ. But that is not so. I pray that I will continue to study the word of God to allow me to be able to grow in my perspective in life based on a Godly view. Then I will be able to continue more confidently share with others. As I do this I will be ensuring my spot to live forever after this life is over.

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