An Overcomer of Distress

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  1. Thank you Dr. Fred for pointing out how we need to be specific in identifying the source of our distress. As big and as powerful as King David was, he still experienced the same challenges that can plague any human being. Stating “that doesn’t phase me” as I’ve done in my own life several times is just another form of denial. And as we see, denial is one of the worst things we can do. Not even a king could stay in denial because he knew the only source of true comfort and relief comes from completely relying upon our Lord and God.

  2. Thank you for the message Pastor. Sometimes I have to a step back and recognize just exactly where and how we are distressed. Only when facing that are we able to ask God to relieve it. It’s important to release that only God has the true remedy for our distress. It actually feels really good to know that when I am at my wits-end from distress, that I can leave it before God to take control of the situation.
    I also pray that I will not linger in bad behavior or habits that add to my distress but instead continue to turn to God (like David did) as soon as possible the distress manifests itself. God is always the answer.

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