Being Pushed and Pushing

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  1. I can’t help but keep picturing a rugby match or running back in football with the way Dr.Fred highlighted how we can be pushed and do the pushing as well. I am thankful for those that have influenced my life and have helped shape me to where I am today. There were times when I definitely needed to make a change in the direction I was headed because the destination or end result would not have been a fruitful one at all. And I also recall many times I needed to use the forces God placed in my life to push me forward and in the right direction. And notice, just like in rugby and in football, it’s so true that we cannot do it all alone. We must use the influences placed in our lives to help us along the way. We’re going to receive contact and it’s going to get physical. That is inevitable. For this reason, it is then necessary to continually reassess and confirm that the direction we are headed in is how we ultimately want our lives to turn out to be.

    1. T, I love that example of the rugby match or a football game. Life is not meant to be done alone. God blesses us with those who help push us in the right direction, but there are also those pushing against us (the opposing team). It’s been interesting how much more aware I have become in the week since initially hearing this sermon. I’ve become more cognizant of the forces around me and I’m making sure that the forces that are pushing me are pushing me/influencing in the right direction based on the word of God. But I’ve also been praying and working on not worrying about tomorrow. I had found myself going through waves of worry and anxiety that was almost paralyzing me in terms of my productivity. I wasn’t able to focus on the tasks at hand. When I stop letting the opposing forces push against me in the direction that is not in line with the path laid out for me by my Heavenly Father and that will not help me to be fruitful, then I am able to truly give God my all and focus on the things that he has given me today to do. This message has truly been a blessing for me.

  2. We are all exposed in our lifetime to being pushed, pushing back and pushing others. That is why this teaching in the word of God is very relevant to us today. Psalm 119:11 says,(Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee). We need the word of God to help us stay on course. It is crucial that we not only memorize the scriptures but we must put it to work daily in our lives. From personal experience, the word of God has been helping me and guiding me to refine my direction on many occasions when I am being pushed in the wrong directions. It is a great privilege to be under a teaching ministry at Breed life Church. I pray that God will continue to enrich our pastor. Let us spread the news to others so that they too can be partakers and experience the abundant life in Christ.

  3. I love this passage cause it reminded me of my early years as a teen, how i pushed to hang out with friends and not focus on school. I listened to associates around my age and began to follow them. With the push of my parents, grandparents and older siblings, I changed my negative ways and focused more on the positive–become a better person, follow the scripture of the lord and to be a better role model for the younger siblings. Focusing more on scriptures and using them in my daily life and the job.

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