Comforted by God and Man

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  1. 1 Samuel 1:9-20
    Hannah had good reason to be discouraged or distressed. She was barren and considered to be a failure because of her situation. She was in anguish and her condition was aggravated by Peninnah who constantly ridiculed her.
    Each of us may face times of bareness in our lives where nothing “comes to birth” in our work, ministry, service or relationship. During this time, we may find it difficult to pray in faith and we feel so ineffective. But prayer opens the way for God to work (v. 19-20). When we pray and place our trust in God, he answers us. God is merciful, He knows how we feel like no other. He did it for Hannah and he will do it for us too.

  2. We should be careful what we promise in prayer because God may take us up on it. Hannah so desperately wanted God to answer her prayer that she was willing to make a bargain with him.
    God took her up on her promise and answered her prayer. He gave her a son (her heart desire).
    Hannah followed through on her part, even when it might be painful to part with her only child.
    Although we are not in a position to bargain with God, He may still choose to answer a prayer which has an attached promise. When we pray, we need to ask ourselves if we will follow through on any promises we made to God if he grants our request/s. It is crucial that we be honest and fulfill our promise, especially to God.
    God always keeps his promises and he expects us to keep ours.

    1. Yes, wonderful how the Lord never fails on any of His promises to us. And when we are specific with our prayers, that is when we will see the greatest change. Personally, sometimes it happens quicker than I anticipate and then I remind myself, “Well He definitely followed through on this. Now you must do your part as well.” Praise the Lord for He never fails!

      1. Amen! God is forever faithful!

    2. This is so true. I know in my past I have prayed to God making a promise I did end up keeping. We must become mature in our walk of faith and understand the expectations we have of God and the expectations God has of us. We are so blessed to serve a God who cares so deeply for us and never leaves or forsakes us but we must hold up our end of the relationship.

  3. I think back over my life and how God has helped me and given me aid through my ups and downs. If it weren’t for God my life would be very different. I am grateful for the people He has put in my life to comfort me and help me. Normally in the past, I didn’t focus on God immediately to lay my problems at His feet. But it is encouraging to know that God wants to teach me, encourage me and help me and he is my only true source of aid during my time on this earth.

  4. This message was so helpful to me. Often times when I am going through distress, I resort to denial of what I am going through or I try to push off the anxiety and fear that I am having which usually results in me overcompensating in another area of my life. I am truly learning more and more how much I need to think about and process the things that are causing me distress in life, lift those things up to God and ultimately be tuned into God and His word so that I can recognize when He has sent me comfort through man and through my distress be of service to God. I pray that this messages touches others just as it has touched me. Thank you for sharing.

  5. It’s interesting because whenever we ask for things from God we tend to forget about Him when he gives it to us. Or if we are going through a tough time we revert back to our old ways once we have some fresh air. This was not the case with Hannah…she asked God to help her not for selfish reasons, but to be able to give honor to God. And here’s the kicker…once God gave her her desires, she didn’t forget how God blessed her. She kept her word and dedicated the child to Christ. That’s awesome! I pray that I will have faith and dedication like Hannah! #godisfaithful

  6. The story of Hannah is a reminder that we should not turn to the Lord during the times that we are distressed. We should be more in touch with the Lord through every situation in our lives. It is in time that there is struggle or stress that we look for guidance from the Lord. Reading through the verse reminded me of my past struggles and how I asked for guidance during that time, but returned to doing the same thing that put me in that stressful situation.

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