Perilous Times Are Here

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  1. 2 Timothy 3: 1-5
    Yes, it is very true that the Perilous times are here. We are living in the last days.
    The descriptive list of behaviors in the last days (vs 2-5A) describes our society and even unfortunately many Christians.
    Nowadays, in many parts of the world, it is not difficult to be a Christian. No one is being punished or jailed for reading the bible or preaching Christ. It is very common to be comfortable with superficial Christianity, (Christians by words of mouth only, not by deeds), V5. (They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly)
    There is pressure and there are temptations almost everywhere to follow the dictates and values of the society or the majority even if what is being propagated is against Gods word..But we cannot give in, no matter what is going on. God wants us to stand against the evil in this dangerous time,- by living in obedience to his word.
    We must remain focused as we study the scriptures and remain under his teachings. We will be able to negotiate and live through the dangers of these last days by the power of the Holy Spirit. AMEN.

  2. It truly is a heart problem! Our generation has become so focused on material things that we can gain in this world and just like you said, we focus on these things first and then seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness. As Christians, we have to make sure that we are standing out against these things. We should be REVEALING the TRUTH that God has given us through His word. I know that there are many times where I have not stood up against the things that fit the characteristics of the perilous times or out of convenience I have taken part in them, but I am learning more and more how truly necessary it is to dig into Gods word so that we can be aware of what is going on in our society and so that I can make sure I am fully equipped to speak out when I see the forces of the devil pushing through in our society. I continue to pray that God grants me the knowledge, confidence, and boldness to not promote the characteristics of perilous times but instead REVEAL TRUTH through true prophesy.

  3. This is a very timely message! The verse where it talks about how “ppl being lovers of themselves” is very indicative of the times we live in. Everyone seems to have a moral compass that’s selfishly focused. It’s a a testament showing how the family unit has broken down due to lack of following the Truth.
    However, I’m thankful that my parents have helped me to be taught in the way of the Lord! And it’s my duty as a Christian to make sure that I actively and intentionally gaurd against the perilous times and the attitudes that ppl have that are contradictory to Christ’s teaching. Also when I have kids I neeed to teach them just as I was taught too!

  4. Yes, it’s very apparent from just watching the news and the way politicians are telling people not to embrace things that will benefit the society, meanwhile, they (politicians) actually are benefiting from such measures themselves. They are saying anything and everything to get into power even if it means hurting this country. The people with polluted mind listen to these politicians because they are driven by what they might gain from these politicians being in power. Endtime examples like this mean that Christians need to turn to the Word much more in the time of increasing chaos that surrounds us. We can truly navigate this world properly when arms with the Word of God. Otherwise, we will be swallowed up by the ideology of the ‘perilous times’.

  5. I do believe that perilous times are here. People are more driven by gain, power and selfishness. The position of money or materialistic things has become more of the focus and drive for this generation. As SD said, politicians have also played a role in the polluting the minds of the people. As we listen to the things they say on TV, the people do not research to see if the politicians are speaking the truth or using for political power. Our focus should be more toward the word of the Lord and not of the things that characterize the perilous times.

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