The Turbulent Storm on the Sea of Life

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  1. This was such a timely message. One thing that really struck me was in the passage that we read, how Jesus was sleeping so peacefully despite the storm raging on outside their boat. That is the peace that we should all be striving for that no matter what storm might be passing over us, it will not overcome us because of the peace that Jesus has filled us with. I was also in awe of His power – all it took to calm the storm was Jesus saying “hush, be still”. Sometimes my flesh likes to think that I can handle these turbulent storms on my own but I am reminded to invite to Jesus into my boat and let Him calm the waves for me. His power is unmatched and I can rest in the assurance that He is with me through it all.

    1. Our Lord Jesus Christ is awesome. His power and authority are infinite.

  2. Great analogy of our life as the boat being filled with water. It made the turbulence and surrounding elements more vivid. The storms of life are sudden and truly show us just how powerless we are in-spite of our greatest effort. Even in the past State of the Union address we can see how the values that this country are being constantly under attack. We are truly blessed to have the power of Jesus Christ to move or stop storms at a moments notice. He is the one true hope.

    1. Yes our values as Christians really do seem to be under attack many the time. It’s almost as if ppl want to follow their own morals and live with no inhibitions. But as followers of Christ we can be comforted by His strength be be bold!

  3. Bria, I honestly feel like that at times too! Life seems to be running smoothly and then take a peak outside at the storm brewing and think to myself, “Hey, it’s not so bad. I’m ready, I think I can take this one.” But it truly isn’t about how bad the situation may look that is important. It’s about the substance of what is within the vessel, the boat, me. The most important and necessary occupant of this vessel has got to be Jesus Christ for sure!

    1. Yes! Amen.

  4. Mark 4: 35-41
    The disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ were seasoned fishermen who had spent most of their lives fishing on this particular sea. I believe they have been through storms before but this one was different. They did all they knew to do to fix their problem, but to no avail, so they panicked. I personally can relate to that and I believe many of us can relate also. We feel like panicking when we are confronted with excessive challenges or crisis. We have tried or still trying so hard, doing whatever we possibly can do but things seem to be at a standstill or getting worse. We fell stuck and powerless. Jesus Christ is the one who has all power and has no limitations. We cannot underestimate His power to handle the crisis in our lives and the power to calm the raging storms on the sea of our lives. We can choose to resist fear and put our trust in him daily, and we will be calm in the midst of chaos because we have the prince of peace in the boat with us as we sail on the sea of lives. I am very grateful to God for this life-changing message. And I pray that someone is encouraged and comforted as they interact on this blog. BS

    1. Yes, everyone should be encouraged to invite Jesus Christ into the boat as they sail through the turbulent storm on the sea of life. When we do, our ‘CRISIS’ become His ‘CROSS’. We can rest, and be assured that the waves and wild winds will respond to His command- BE STILL!

  5. AMEN! This is sooo encouraging. I think that many times we expect as Christians we will not go through any kind of hardships or storms in our lives. But we live in an imperfect world so we should expect to experience some kind of hardships. However just like we learned, if we have Jesus in our corner we don’t have to worry! All we have to do is cry out to him and continue to obey His Word and follow Him. Jesus at the center!

    1. I think what you said is spot on and I think that is a huge misconception about Christianity. Often times people, myself included at one point, think that because you are Christian you are exempt from any type of suffering which is not true. God doesn’t give us anymore than we can handle and if we remember who is on our side, when we come out of that storm we have the ability to glorify our great God because we were able to withstand the storm because we kept the faith in Him!

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